Saskatoon Yacht Club

Prairie Lily River Boat

Introducing the new river boat- the Prairie Lily- on the South Saskatchewan River in our very own Saskatoon!
Saskatoon's new Riverboat is a great opportunity for families, friends, and even for students to go on a great outing!

What we Can Provide You :


All of these can be used for recreational purposes! In particular, the term 'yacht' is originally Dutch, 'jacht'. The Dutch had light and fast moving vessels that their navy used to pursue pirates! Modern use has two classes of these boats, specifically, sailing and power boats. They serve more of a leisure purpose,  which is in contrast with the working ships!

Different Kinds of Yachts

Day Sailing Yachts: usually small, under 4 meters in length; also sometimes referred to as 'dinghies'
Weekender Yachts: slightly larger at under 9.5 meters; they operate in shallow waters and if needed 'dry out' 
Cruising Yachts: make up the majority of 7-14 meters; and the most common yacht in private use with a cruising speed upwards of 6 knots

Saskatoon River Boats offer Cruises

Check our website for updates on when the Riverboat in Saskatoon is scheduling its tours. The tours start from the Prairie Lily dock which is situated behind the Mendel Art Gallery along the river as you pass under 4 of Saskatoon's 9 bridges! Also, the cruise offers a complimentary researched commentary!

Specialty Cruises 

Realtors from the Ce´╗┐ntury 21 office have taken clients on a cruise to see the sights of Saskatoon. Cruises offered by Saskatoon's Riverboat come in a variety. You can book brunch cruises which occur on Sunday mornings, or dinner cruises on Friday and Saturday evenings. There are also cruises reserved for special events and fireworks tours.